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Electric Acne Remover Blackhead Removing Facial Pores Cleaning Tool

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Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Honolulu, and other overseas states, and cities, USPS is not available. We will be shipped from the Chinese warehouse, using EUB. Please note. 

Please note: We have lots of Electric Beauty Apparatus in stock, and we welcome to place bulk orders(more than 200 pieces ) with the same delivery address. We suggest that you choose the DHL shipping method at $ 700 and also with the receiver's phone number so that we can deal with the customs clearance faster. 


There are customer feedback blackheads cannot absorb blackheads, after detailed understanding, the actual use method is not correct, so please read the instructions of the blackhead meter before purchasing the purchase, the blackhead meter must first steam face or hot face before use. Or use with the blackhead derivation fluid, first open the pores, open the pores, open the pores, (the important thing is said three times), and then use the blackhead meter, so the general effect is more obvious.

Note: The R&D personnel experimented and tested several times, and finally determined that the safe range of facial skin can absorb suction is about 52KPa-62KPa. Too little suction is too big, too much will hurt the skin. The three gears of our blackhead meter are balanced. In this way, according to the correct method of use, the suction is guaranteed and will not harm the face.


This product as a beauty instrument, before use, it is recommended to hot water face or steamed face fumigation, or use blackhead derivation solution, and then use this product to achieve better results. Using this instrument alone may make it difficult for some intractable blackheads to be sucked out, and it may cause pores to become larger or damage the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use the lead-out liquid or steaming face, and use it after hot water, the effect is better.

About the color in Pink Color of TYPE 1:

There is two color version in the pink color of TYPE 1, just have color differences in the neck and bottom, due to the different production batches, but all specification is the same.  Send by random. Please have a look before buy.

Please note: We have lots of masks in stock, and we welcome to place bulk orders with the same delivery address. We suggest that you choose the DHL shipping method at $ 700 and also with the receiver's phone number so that we can deal with the customs clearance faster. 


Integrated body, ergonomic design, comfortable hold feeling.

Comes with four suction heads and four adjusting gears to meet different needs.

Its strong suction power helps to remove acne, blackhead and dead skin effectively.

It has a great effect on skin firming as well as lifting.

USB rechargeable design, fairly convenient to use.

Notice and Tips for Use: 

1. For the first time use the tool, please apply it on your hand or neck to adapt to the operating and suctioning. 

2. Please clean the nozzle before and after use. 

3. It is recommended that you apply facial steamer or warm towel for 3~5 minutes to your skin, which helps to open the pores for easier remove of blackhead. 

4. Please DO NOT apply suction on one part of the skin for a long time, but move it around gently. In case it may hurt the skin or leave a bruise. 

5. After the treatment, use the iced facial sheet mask or cold water to cool skin and close the pores. 

6. DO NOT use the remover too frequently, no more than once a week. Please stop using it if any adverse reactions occur.

Type: Electric Beauty Apparatus

Power: 3W.

Power Input: 5V/1A
Material: Plastic

Color: White/Pink
Quantity: 1Pc
Item Size: 18 x 6 x 4cm/7.1 x 2.4 x 1.6inch
Net Weight: 170g/6.0oz
Package List:
1 x Electric Beauty Apparatus

5 x Probe

1 x USB Charge Cable

1 x Facial Cleansing Pad

1 x Pack of Isolation Pads

1 x Beautiful Retail Box

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