Q: How the Shipping Works?

A: Once will dispatch the product, you will be receiving an email notification about the Shipping Date and Tracking number.

Q: How can I track the tracking number?

A: We will send the tracking number and the link of the website where you can track the status of the order.

Q: What if I don't receive the package?

A: Usually, it will take 14 days for you to receive the order. If you feel that you need to contact us, then let us know. We have a Contact Us Page on the website. This will help us to check the Delivery.


Q: Why PayPal and 2checkout?

A: PayPal is the safest way to purchase an item online. It is one of the safest payment gateway in the world.

Q: Can I still purchase the product even if I don't have a PayPal account?

A: Yes! When you pay the item using your Credit Card or Debit Card, PayPal will ask you to pay the item as a PayPal Guest. The system will allow you to pay the item.

Q: What is PayPal Guest?

A: Guest checkout for PayPal allows the customer to pay via PayPal without signing in to an account. You can set up guest checkout for Standard or Express Checkout.

Q: Is it Safe?

A: Yes, you are covered by PayPal if you didn't receive the item since you are covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.