Our mission at Objet D'Art (ob-jay-dar) has always been to wow you with unique variations on vintage-style designs and mods on modern themes for your wardrobe and home. We carefully strive to produce noteworthy treasures for you with one eye on simplicity and another on elegance ensuring that you find our design statements crisp, clear, to the point, and fitting. 

Explore our dress shop to find designs excellent for any scene, from casual get-togethers to formal affairs.  And so it goes for the rest of our clothing: likewise, from the college dorm to the interior decor of your home. Browse beaniesleggings, dresses, and mini-skirts and swimwear, and outerwear that will pleasantly spotlight you.

Complete your look with uncommon accessories—think only-here slides and head-turning totes. Discover our home decor collections, from wall clocks, rugs, throw pillows to shower curtains, comforters to duvets. Searching for a birthday or graduation gift? Try a decorative mug, original custom journal or a travel bag.

 In June 2021, we began to collaborate with the popular song artist, Lynnaya Songbird.  Lynnaya Songbird is a tour de force in the music industry as both a writer and artist.  Fortunately, Lynnaya Songbird's creativity doesn't end with music.  She has a creative eye for fashion and all things vintage; and so, we just happened to catch her attention.  In the future, Lynnaya Songbird will join our creative staff to contribute her creative input to our numerous designs.  In the meantime, Lynnaya Songbird has shared with you all some of her favorite apparel, shoes, accessories, and home decor:  Lynnaya Songbird's Favorites